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Super-Duper Props

Unlimited sessions and everyone gets a print!

Customized Photo Strip Design

Beautiful Premium Backdrop

Fantastic Attendant

Online Gallery of your photos for download

Unlimited Fun (no extra cost)

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Venue Address
What time would you like the Photo Booth to start? *
What time would you like the Photo Booth to start?
If you add a memory book station, the same color will apply.
If you don’t want props, no problem, we won’t bring them. We’ll help you make a funny face instead … no extra charge. If you choose custom props we’ll contact you for more details.
If you choose custom or green screen we’ll contact you for more details.
Choose one option below.
Example: Jason & April 2017, David's 40th Birthday, etc. Give us a direction or two. We like to please. We'll email you a custom photo strip proof for your approval, and modify to your liking if needed.
This option will apply to all photo booth pictures taken at your event. If you choose "Photo Filter" we'll contact you with more details. "Guests Choose" is a fun option, but will slow down the line.
We’ll provide and extra table with markers and a beautiful black or white memory book for your guests to place a photo strip in and write you a well wish or two. With this addition we'll automatically print a strip for your guests and a strip for the memory book.
Would you like to allow your guests to share their pictures through social media, text, and email?
Please check all that you'd like for your event. Keep in mind that these options can slow down the line. You can always upgrade to a Social Media Kiosk bellow to keep that line moving. *Venue must provide available Wifi.
Any time after your guests finish taking their pictures in the photo booth they can head over to a separate kiosk to post their pictures to social media, email, and text. This ensures that the photo booth line keeps cranking away. *Venue must provide available Wifi.
We can set up a Facebook event page for your event or you can direct us to a Facebook page of your choosing (requires login information). If you choose either "Yes” option then we'll contact you with more details.
If you choose to add on any of the following choices Doppeldoo will contact you with more details.
We’ll bring our stanchions, red rope, and roll out the red carpet for your guests photo booth experience.
GIFs are treated like photo both still images and can be shared through social media, text, and email in the same fashion.
After their photo booth session, our touchscreen will provide an option for those guests who would like to receive their pictures via a text link. Once your guests have entered their phone number, they will soon receive a text with your message along with a link to their photos (they will still receive a photo strip in person unless you specify otherwise).
After their session your guests will be prompted by our touchscreen to fill out a survey of your choosing. Once the survey is completed their photo strips will print out.