We just need you to answer a few more specifics about some of the options you selected in the previous form. We want to get things just right. Please answer all questions that apply to your event, and skip all questions that do not apply to your event. Then just hit submit.

If you have any questions or concerns about the form or service, or you need some help, please contact us. We love to talk.

1. Name *
1. Name
Example: Star Wars or Super Hero birthday party, Bar or Bat Mitzvah, etc.
Would you like a Step & Repeat backdrop, a special pattern, etc.
Example: Western Main Street, Beach, etc.
Choose one *If you chose “Color, Black and White, or Guests Choose” in the previous form, don’t worry about this option.
*If you chose “Yes - Facebook event page that Doppeldoo creates” in the previous form, then just sit back and relax. We'll create it just for you.
Standard GIF – The pictures from your guests photo booth session will play through an animation from first picture to last. For each session a different GIF is created. Boomerang GIF – Same as above, but once the animation reaches the last picture it will play back through from the last picture to the first, like a boomerang.
After their photo booth session, our touchscreen will provide an option for those guests who would like to receive their pictures via a text link. Once your guests have entered their phone number, they will soon receive a text with your message along with a link to their photos (they will still receive a photo strip in person unless you specify otherwise).
You must list your survey questions in the order they will appear. You may have a mix of optional and mandatory survey questions if you prefer (please indicate each question that is NOT mandatory). Otherwise, all survey questions will be mandatory by default.
After their photo booth session our touchscreen will prompt your guests to accept your disclaimer, then will be able to view, print, and share their photo booth pictures.